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With the gradual lifting of Covid restrictions in all parts of the UK I am happy to announce that from 1st March 2022 I will be resuming face-to-face counselling appointments, working from offices in Preston and Wigan as well as from my private counselling room at home in Lostock Hall. At Martin Rigby Counselling the safety of clients and anyone who uses my services is of the upmost importance to me.

Therefore I will continue to follow the recommended guidance around safe working and will continue to employ a range of measures to minimize risk, including carrying out risk assessments for each new client referral, regularly cleaning my counselling room before and after sessions and encouraging mask wearing and hand washing. I will continue to offer the option of online or telephone sessions and all my initial appointments will still be conducted online or over the phone.
  • Would you like some support for your anxiety or depression?
  • Are you struggling to cope with daily life and feel you have nowhere to turn?
  • Do you need to talk to someone in confidence about your personal issues?
  • Could it help to have a safe space where you can just be yourself?
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Martin Rigby Counselling in Preston, Lostock Hall and Wigan – Experienced, qualified and registered person-centred counsellor, mindfulness teacher, workshop presenter and group facilitator working in Preston, Lostock Hall and Wigan.

About Me

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Experienced, qualified and registered person-centred counsellor, mindfulness teacher, workshop presenter and group facilitator working in Preston, Lostock Hall and Wigan.

I am an experienced, qualified and BACP registered person-centred counsellor providing affordable counselling in Preston, Lostock Hall and wigan on a wide range of issues to people of all ages, cultures and social backgrounds. In my private practice I offer flexible daytime and evening appointments that are easy to book, available at short notice, cost-effective and which normally mean you will be seen within five working days.

In my other roles I offer a variety of CPD awareness-raising workshops and online webinars for individuals, professionals and organisations on disability, difference and diversity, mental health and wellbeing. I have also recently completed my training to become a qualified Breathworks mindfulness teacher.

To read more about me, my qualifications and experience please click the following link.

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My Counselling Approach

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My working hours are Monday to Friday 9am-9pm. During the week I provide flexible daytime and evening counselling appointments, working face-to-face from the comfortable surroundings of my home in Lostock Hall (PR5). Please be aware that my latest evening appointment is at 8pm. I am also available to see clients during the daytime from rooms I hire in Preston and Wigan. All appointments are on a first-come first-served basis and are subject to advance payment being received, room availability at the clinics and my general work schedule.

My counselling approach is accessible, confidential and person-centred. This means clients will choose the direction of counselling and forming a therapeutic relationship based on trust and respect is always at the heart of therapy. I counsel people of all ages, abilities, genders, cultures and backgrounds, including young people, men and women, adults, older adults and couples. I also work with employers, groups and organisations.

In particular I specialise in counselling the following client groups. Please click on each tab to read more:

A disability can be any physical, cognitive, sensory, emotional or developmental condition that reduces or hampers a person’s ability to carry out everyday tasks. A disability can be present at birth or occur later in life, depending on the nature of the condition. Living with a disability or longterm health condition can be a long journey, mentally, physically and emotionally. Besides the person who is experiencing disability, chronic pain or ongoing health issues, friends, family and carers may too find it difficult to come to terms with and adapt to a condition.

I have personal experience of disability and over many years have acquired considerable knowledge and awareness through living with, working alongside and supporting people with disabilities. You may find disability counselling beneficial if you are suddenly classed as disabled due to an accident. Similarly if you feel you have lost your confidence, identity and self-esteem over a period of time because of the challenges a disability has on your lifestyle, talking to someone in a safe space who won’t judge you could be the key to starting to trust and believe in yourself again. Whatever your difficulty, how big or small your issues, you will be made to feel welcome, will be treated with empathy and shown respect.

Caregivers are people who help others in their day-to-day life. For some, caring may become a sudden responsibility (for example, if a loved one is involved in an accident or becomes ill). The responsibilities carers have may depend on the nature of the illness of the person they care for. Everyday activities carers may help out with can include feeding and clothing someone, helping them to shower or have a bath, to taking them out and socialising. Juggling the caring role with other commitments such as work and family life can be difficult. Often carers can find themselves in situations where their needs take second place to the person they care for. They can find caring both rewarding and frustrating. It is common for carers to suffer from heightened stress, anxiety and depression.

Carer counselling offers you the opportunity to talk about your thoughts and feelings in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental and regular environment. I recognize the struggles, joys and responsibilities that you may encounter in your situation as a carer. I have extensive experience of supporting and working alongside people who have worked in a variety of caring roles. During therapy I will give you the time and space to think about your own needs. Counselling is not about telling you what you should be doing. It is an opportunity for you to talk about and reflect upon what is happening in your life as a carer.

Starting college or university can be like starting a new life. Many students are not prepared for the challenges of student life and can end up being overwhelmed by them. The first year of college or university can be especially difficult and daunting and for many young people it can be a culture shock, compared to how things were previously either living at home or attending school. Since it may be the first time being away from home for the majority of students, homesickness can strike hard.

Added to this may come the pressures of studies, cost of education, the challenges of finding new friends, housing problems and time management.

I have firsthand experience of being a student at a range of institutions so I can empathize with many of the issues experienced by this client group. During therapy I may be able to help you work out why you feel low or depressed, gain an understanding of why you behave in the way that you do and enable you to manage your anxiety or stress better. Student counselling may also give you the time and space to work through a trauma and bereavement, improve your self-esteem and confidence, look at how you relate with others and to explore how you could function better.

Although becoming a parent is rewarding, it can also be challenging.

Some common challenges parents might face include providing consistent care, attending to the needs of their child or infant, maintaining adult relationships and financial difficulties. Parenting is often physically demanding. Parents with young children may spend much of their day performing household tasks and as a result may feel overworked and sometimes feel resentful towards their partner. Parenting may become more difficult and complex when a child shows signs of behaviour issues, physical or intellectual disability or mental health issues.

Parenting counselling may be helpful for you if you are experiencing marital issues, going through separation or divorce or suffering any form of abuse, aggression or domestic violence. I have many years of experience working with parents while I was on placement at a Sure Start Children’s Centre and I understand that being a parent can be one of the hardest jobs in the world at times but also the most rewarding. During parenting counselling I will enable you to feel emotionally supported when you need it most. I provide a safe space for you to talk about what’s on your mind and about any difficulties you may be facing, whether this is as a result of what your child may be going through or the emotional impact upon you as a parent. During therapy I can help you to work through emotional family challenges and tackling mental and emotional wellbeing.

To read more about my counselling approach please click the following link.

My Counselling Approach
“Talk about your personal issues in your own time, in your own way and at your own pace”

Gender Inclusive Counselling

I work with both men and women and can help with a wide range of issues. I am a MENCasa approved, gender-inclusive counsellor and I welcome client referrals from male victims of domestic abuse, domestic violence or false accusation. Please visit my MenCASA profile for further information about my therapeutic work with men.

My Mencasa profile

To read more about my counselling approach please click the following link.

My Counselling Approach

For further information and to get directions please click the following Contact Me link.

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“I’m not here to give direct advice or judge you.”

Therapy from the comfort of your own home.

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To give clients even greater choice, flexibility and freedom about when, where and the way they receive support, I also offer Online and Telephone counselling services which include:

  • Telephone counselling (landline or mobile)
  • Zoom counselling (audio or video)
  • Skype call (with or without web cam) or web chat via Instant Messenging
  • Facetime video call
  • Whatsapp call or audio messages
  • Email counselling

For further information about how to access all of my counselling services, my fees and the various packages I provide and the concessions that are available, please visit:

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CPD workshops for counsellors and psychotherapists

As an experienced workshop facilitator I offer a variety of half day and one day workshops specifically aimed at meeting the professional development needs of both trainee and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists. I also provide training to businesses, private training organisations and institutions.

‘GLIMPSES are stimulating and thought-provoking workshops which are different to many other disability awareness courses in that each workshop aims to offer a unique personal insight into the challenges and opportunities of living, studying and working with sight loss and training to be a professional counsellor when you have a disability.’

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Catch A Glimpse awareness raising webinars for people, professionals and organisations

In order to raise awareness about a diverse range of topics I regularly host a variety of accessible and affordable webinars which are suitable for members of the public from all backgrounds, professionals from a wide range of disciplines and organisations, ranging from small business owners to larger companies. All of the webinars are thoughtfully delivered around my own personal and professional experiences and will cover such areas as disability, difference and diversity, equal opportunities, men’s health, mental health issues, mindfulness, self-care and wellbeing.

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Interested in disability and mental health issues?

I blog regularly about my experiences as a therapist, the findings from my Masters research and issues I hope will be of interest to other professionals, clients and anyone who has an interest in disability, mental health, personal development and self-awareness.

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Testimonials: What clients say about Martin Rigby Counselling

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Video Library

At Martin Rigby Counselling I’m building up an extensive video library of videos which may be of interest to clients, practitioners and professionals. Created by me and published across my social media accounts, these videos aim to educate, inspire and raise awareness. The videos are arranged in five main categories: client issues, CPD, Events and Workshops, Personal Development, Self-Help and Service Information.

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Remember my door is always open

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